You’ve Already Won

I haven’t listened to the Feast yet, when I was shown the front page of our bulletin. It features my daughter from the last Feast last year, looking victorious. The caption reads: you’ve already won!

This was the front page of the Feast Bellevue AM bulletin for January 5, 2020.

Just looking at the picture, somehow I felt that I have, yes, already won! Seeing her stance, being carefree, it’s like God showing me I’m winning in my journey in motherhood, my husband and I’s journey in parenthood. We’re winning in glorifying God, as we’re setting her foundation, her values.

Then, in the following worship, she danced with the Dance Ministry, looking at her Mama Joy to mimic the steps. And then, when a familiar Feast Worship song was sung, she sang and worshipped as well.


Witnessing this, I have nothing but praise for the Lord…

Lord, this is Your victory right here. This would all have meant nothing if not for You. This would not have been possible, if not for You.


What do you think?