So far, this is one of the sweetest things that my daughter has ever said to me: “Mommy, you’re my best friend.”

This was a picture I took and posted to my personal Facebook page, when we went out for some cold drinks, after my classes.

I’m not so sure if she really knows the concept of friendship, having friends, and being a friend. Even the concept of having a best friend! But if my daughter sees me as “the best,” I should take it as a compliment, right?

I know some of you may be thinking, we are supposed to be moms first before we are friends, right? I remember when I was younger, someone pointed out that distinction, and I’m not sure, it just set me off.


I guess, just stemming from a really good relationship with my mom, being able to tell her everything when I was growing up, and really having her as my best friend. That made me pretty sure it was actually possible.

We are after all, first and foremost, moms. Just like my concern in one of the previous paragraphs, at 3 years old, may daughter may not yet even have a full grasp and understanding of the concept of friendship, and as mom, even as parents, we are somehow responsible in showing that to them, first hand.

And I’m pretty sure, when they grow up, and meet new people, and finally somehow understand what it means to be a friend, our kids may not see us as that anymore.

So I savor this time, and document it in this entry, that once in her lifetime, my daughter told me that I am her best friend.

And I guess the other moms out there, too! With the influx of technology, and having a fast-paced lifestyle, we sometimes forget to savor moments such as these. I’m pretty sure it’s just one of those moments that we can always have anytime with our kids, but for them, these are impactful moments.

Be their Best friend! For Life! 🙂



What do you think?