I caught a glimpse of this interview from 2017 of TD Jakes by Steven Furtick, which was actually part of a promotion for another interview that happened last month. TD Jakes said that the miracle is always on what was left, not on what you lost. That if you lost something, someone, whatever it is, God somehow knew that you don’t need it. And what you have left, that’s where the miracles happen.

I haven’t watched the entire interview, but I got curious, and then I started to recall the beauty of hindsight in everything that had already happened to me. And I guess I can say that the miracles did happen for me a couple of times. And when I get into a new situation, perhaps I lost something, or I lost someone, I knew I had to adjust, and that the miracle is just waiting for me to recognize what it is.

After resigning from a job with the best bosses ever, I got to work for 2 other multinational companies. The first one gave me opportunities to travel, and the office was relatively near my residence. Then I met someone there who invited me to join the Feast. Oh, by the way, a few months into this job, my boyfriend back then broke up with me (we were somehow officemates in the company before this one). But, in the Feast, that’s actually where I met my husband. 😍


Then when I left this job, I actually had enough resources left to sustain myself for a couple of months. But I got bored, and started applying to jobs again. My godsister invited me to apply as a writer for product descriptions and one-page website descriptions (in 2010, I don’t think they called it Content Writing then), and when I got in, that was the time I started my online career. I also signed up for this website called oDesk, which was actually, somehow, an online agency for online jobs/ remote work (I’m not sure if they call it remote work at that time either.) Now oDesk is Upwork, and some applications to sign up for this agency are being rejected.

When I was already attending the Feast, I was able to join a small group of singles that share stories with each other, and I also joined a lot of other activities. I got to join the Music Ministry in 2010. In the ministry, I met someone who referred me to my next company. Now, this company gave me a competitive salary. It even competed with my former company, who wanted me back (the one with the best bosses). But what sold me was the car plan. Long story short, I stayed with this company for a little over 4 years, resigned a few months before I got married, and resigned because I felt that I actually wasn’t paid enough, and my boss was mentally and emotionally stressful to deal with.

The miracles began to overflow when I lost that job. I began working as a freelancer/racketeer. I didn’t have anything permanent, fixed, or full time, but after more than 10 years in the corporate world, I finally got to explore and find what I really wanted to do in life. I was having the time of my life, and with every effort I made, I was earning equivalent to it and sometimes more (so, of course, if there wasn’t any effort, then no earning).

At this same time, we were preparing for a wedding, so I wasn’t a bridezilla because I wasn’t stress with preps. And because I wasn’t stressed, and even without any prior work-ups with an OB, I got pregnant during our honeymoon, despite being already in my 30’s.

So I’ve shared a lot already, in terms of what miracles I have received. And I’ve also realized that everyday is truly a blessing and it’s a miracle also. Not only is it a blessing because God gave you a new day, but it’s also a miracle because God gave you a new chance to try what didn’t work out the day before. And believe me, there are still a lot of those miracles waiting for you, if you learn to just let go and lose something or someone, and just let God. Let it hurt a while, and you will be healed in the end. It’s terrifying at first, but once you’ve taken than first step, you’ll gather up all the encouragement you need, and you’re definitely on your way to your next miracle. 😊

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.”
Job 5:9 | NIV


What do you think?