You Matter

Sometimes, we come upon situations, circumstances, where we just feel obligated to do our jobs but aren’t happy with it. Or when we feel that we are at our lowest points in our life that we also think that when the world loses us, it wouldn’t make any difference. The world would still go round, and it lost merely a grain of sand.

Whenever you feel so small, so low, so unappreciated, so neglected, so rejected, so unimportant… I have two words for you.

You Matter


You may be a mom (like me) who chose to no longer chase your dreams and climb the corporate ladder, because you chose to stay at home and care for your kids, and make sure your family can eat home-cooked meals, or wear clean clothes, or be able to relax when they go home from work or from school.

You go into pity parties, as you do the lowliest of tasks at home: cleaning the toilet, taking out the trash, and all the other chores that did not require a college degree just to get done. Perhaps you’ve thought about what you’re missing, seeing former schoolmates and batchmates achieve corporate ranks, or add initials before and/or after their names.

At the end of each day, tell yourself that You Matter. If not for stay-at-home moms like you and me, there wouldn’t be good and kind future leaders. And these corporate hotshots and professionals lose one potential competition because we chose to no longer participate in the rat race.

You may be someone who’s in the rat race, but is always at the back of the pack. You clean up after other people’s messes, after you’ve begun the job with the nitty gritties and the dirty work, passed on reports and summaries for management decisions, and ultimately get rejected because the middle person didn’t do well in the presentation. You’re back to square one.

At the end of each working day, tell yourself that You Matter. You were responsible for making it easier for other people to do their jobs. You helped them make decisions faster. You helped them focus on other pressing matters because you’re already in charge of what you do. Without you, it might take them a while to do other things because they had to do the stuff that you’re very good at. You, the rank-and-files, the back office support, the administrative personnel taking care of your place of business, and even those who make sure that where you do Your business is sanitary.

More exemplary manifestations of how YOU MATTER:
You take people places, whether you drive a car, a pedicab, the train, an airplane. You help get them from where they are, to where they should be. You’re the driver who steers them to safety. The pilot who helps people soar.

You teach. Whether it’s the A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s, or how H2O is water and NaCl is salt, or whatever subjects you are assigned with. After a year, it may be a different set of students, or they may have forgotten what you have taught.

You wait on people. Whether you offer meals that other people prepare, or clothing and accessories you may never get to wear. Whether you never get a “thank you” for helping people out, or any other form of reward, validation, or acknowledgement. You matter to God because He is channelling Himself to you. You are His manisfestation of patience, kindness, humility, and providence. Without you, other people may never have an experience of these manifestations of God.

Coming from a past post that was raw and really emotional, I wanted to write this one, also as motivation for me. And I’m hoping that other people would resonate with it so much, that they would share it to people who needed to hear it. For one, I believe that I matter. And two, I believe you do too.

I may not have mentioned your current circumstance, to be ever specific on how you matter to anyone, for anything at all. Believe that you matter.

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”
– Dr. Seuss


What do you think?