A part of Bro. Arun’s prayer from last Sunday’s Feast was that “we have all the blessings that we need. We have all that we need.”

Somehow, it was a short and sweet reminder that God has provided and is always providing what we need. He knows it before we ask it. We need not beg, because if it really is for us, He will freely give it.

Now, if you are begging for something, but you can’t seem to get it, it just means it was not meant for you. What you may be begging is something that God does not plan for you to have. He meant for you to have something better.


So always remember, you, we, have all that we need. Everything is there for us. We only need to receive it. We only need to claim it.

And after receiving it, we actually have the responsibility of sharing it to the world. If not to the world, share it with someone close to us, because it may be something that they need also.

You already have what you need. Receive it, and give it away. 🙂

God bless you, and may you bless the world!


What do you think?