(Disclaimer: I started drafting this post a few months ago, and never got to finish it then. It took a few revisions after because sometimes, it really is so hard to get a message across, especially if I really meant it for someone who greatly needs it.)

I have already written a blog in my old blogsite entitled “You Are Loved,” (will share it in a few weeks, I guess…) and perhaps I have already written there how one can be worthy of love. I’m not sure if this will have a different message. My hope is that it blesses you still.

I have this college batchmate whom I actually look up to, and somehow envy. I remember she was already driving a car then, and she has this modelesque figure that you’d think that whetever she puts on, it’ll look good. Like a living manequin, I must say. And I remember she reads a lot and she’s always got this planner with her.


Fast forward to perhaps around 10 years, she became part of a Filipina-owned and managed company, offering a wide and really creative range of planners (not sure if she co-founded it, but she was good friends with the founder.), their most popular and main item being the Belle De Jour planner.

A year or so after, this girl gets married in Batanes! Imagine how much that costs! And when she had her first baby (just a few weeks before I had my first born), she was on a roll to becoming a model mom. I think she was the momma who added me in this facebook momma group “Glam-o-mamas.”

I remember we were chatting before and I found out a lot more about her. (By the way, we were part of an organization in college. That org was my only org back then. For her, it was just one of “I-dont-know-how-many” orgs she’s part of.)

So, I learned she married a Filipino-Chinese, who had traditions she immersed herself in. I learned from her the Ge Lai, a tradition among the Chinese related to giving birth. Then I would see in her timeline how very hands-on she is as a mom, planning meals and making them for her baby. Oh, it was amazing!

Another year or so, we see each other in a training or meeting for Financial Advisors (I used to be part of SunLife), and she’s pregnant with her second child. I remember taking a peek at what she was writing in her planner, and it was something about the activities of her toddler. And I was like feeling I’m missing out on a lot when it comes to my tot.

A few weeks ago, I came across a post from her. First thing I notice was the revert to her maiden name, then the post confirmed she has been a single mom for quite some time. I just had to message her about it because despite everything, she looked like she’s handling everything quite so well.

Then, I saw this pic from her.

(credits to the owner, whom unfortunately I forgot. 🙁 So Sorry!) 

I remember the last part of our chat, where she mentioned that her journey now is about her worthiness of being loved. When I read that, I wanted so much to tell her that she is very much worthy of love, and I hope that her kids would let her feel that (without them being aware that they are obligated to make her feel that, of course.)

I believe that everyone is so worthy of love. After all, we are all being loved by Someone unconditionally. That someone is so supreme that He can love us using something so simple as a gentle breeze during a hot afternoon, or something so tangible as a child’s warm hug. It’s really all up to us to receive and believe that it’s love that we deserve.

“See what an incredible quality of love the Father has shown to us, that we would [be permitted to] be named and called and counted the children of God! And so we are…”
1 John 3:1 | AMP version

We are all God’s children. That is all that we need to hold on to, to believe that we really do deserve and we really are worthy of His love. We are His.


What do you think?