You Are Always Loved

I want to usher in the Love Month with a definite truth since the day we were born into this world: YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED.

You were conceived out of love between your mother and your father. If you have ever felt like you were an accident, you weren’t planned, your mom was raped, or any of those circumstance where there wasn’t a loving gesture, please know that the fact you were formed, Someone much more important and all-powerful, and loving, Loved you and is still loving you: God. Forming you and Loving you is never a mistake, never a glitch, never an unfortunate event.

Even if your circumstances were in a disadvantage while growing up. Or even if you were living in luxury, but the people you were with did not let you experience what love is while you’re on Earth, believe that you deserve all the love in the world, and all the love coming from Heaven is for you.


Very much like one of my previous posts, You Are Always Blessed, believe that you are loved in multiple ways. You may not have been brought up in a loving environment, thus making you unable to experience love at home. You may even be bullied in school. You may be experiencing hatred from other people, please find and experience love from other sources… The sun shining down on you is God’s love, signaling a new day, for all things to be made new. The air you breathe is God’s love. Every beat of your heart is God’s love. One thing that God is very generous about, besides blessings and provisions, is an abundance of unconditional, unending, and unshaken love.

I honestly have no other grand words to use to describe God’s love and how else it manifests itself in your life. But believe that there is love, and there is God’s love, somewhere in the depths, in the nooks and crannies of your life. You may feel that it is not enough, that it’s not the kind of love you need at a certain moment. But always believe, God’s love is everywhere, and yes, it’s in you.

You know what, God’s love doesn’t always make sense. Like, where is love when you’re experiencing pain? Where is love when there is loss? Where is love when you feel abandoned? Just remember that everything and everyone around you is made in love.

Often, you won’t understand it when you do feel it. Believe it or not, YOU ARE ALWAYS LOVED. 😍😍😍

– God-guided gal

“The earth is filled with your love, Lord… Teach me your decrees.” – Psalm 119:64 | NIV


What do you think?