Why I Wanted To Homeschool

(Disclaimer: original post appeared in my new personal facebook page.)

5 years ago, before I even got married, I was already contemplating about homeschooling my kid. At first, it was for practical reasons. I thought that homeschooling was cheaper; I don’t need to pay a teacher because I’ll be doing the teaching myself. Then, I don’t really need to buy books because I can just get stuff from a lot of online resources.

But of course, homeschool wasn’t cheap because it would eat so much of my time that I can no longer afford having a full time job. Even if the resources are online, I still need to print stuff, write on stuff, and a lot of other things to consider.


Despite these, I still wanted to justify more my desire to homeschool. A lot have done it, but 5 years ago, it was still unthinkable for most. Now with the quarantine, it’s being considered as the new norm.

Anyway, so, even before the ECQ, homeschooling is already my desired norm. I have long before considered this because there are a few things that I don’t want my kid to experience, which for me were things that I experienced in school:

1) I don’t want her to get bullied
– I’ve seen this on tv, and some kids were bullied often they end up wanting to commit suicide. My kid may be mature to handle things such as these, but why let her experience it when she can avoid it, and overall not tarnish good mental health?

2) I don’t want her to be too competitive and then feel like a failure if she got a 98 instead of 100, or if she ended up as the #4 in class instead of #1.
– I remember crying when instead of 100, I got a 96 for an exam/activity in Computer Science when I was in high school.
– I remember also thinking that I was already good in Math until I met algebra formally and made me lose my mind. I’m just thankful that I thrived a little in Trigo in HS and Calculus in college. But yeah, that was nuts.

3) I don’t want her to spend too much time preparing for school and be in school, and then go home working on stuff for school.
– perhaps it was my fault that my high school was almost an hour away from my house, that every minute I left home late, I’d be 5-10 minutes late getting to school. I was there from 7am until 5pm or 6pm, then when I get home, I still need to study and do some homework.

Perhaps not a lot of people would agree with me. But I understand that we do have different takes on the education of our children. And as parents, we do what we think is best for my kid, and other parents do what they think is best for their kid/s. We have different circumstances, resources, and opportunities.

But one thing that we definitely have in common is that we have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And I would love that most of those hours to be spent on developing my kid, my relationship with my kid, and inculcating in her a really good foundation of Catholic Christian values.

There… haba no? 


What do you think?