When You’re Distracted

I was so distracted, I’m pretty sure every one felt it. And it was awful!!

I was one of the worship leaders last Sunday. I was with my worship leading trainee. The day before, I asked her what she’ll exhort and pray about. She mentioned that she haven’t prayed about it.

I got worried because I also haven’t thought of what to say yet.


I know I should be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit on the exact moment we’re already worshipping. But I also believe it helps to be prepared. Like, I should’ve prayed fervently, as the day approaches, so that I can discern and receive confirmation of the message beforehand.

But I was so distracted with all the events that happened.

We were early last Friday for my daughter’s Nutri-day activity in her playschool. My husband took a leave of absence from work to join us. Then, because their classes were suspended last Wednesday, instead of having the rest of the day to ourselves, they had a make up class in the afternoon.

We left our daughter in the playschool, and went to a coffee shop. The hubby needed to do some reports, while I needed to check some papers of my students from their written activities.

After picking up our daughter, we went to my parents’ place to pick them up. We had a celebration of my daughter’s 3rd birthday with my family and my husband’s family. I must say, Friday was pretty hectic.

And so was Saturday, because we also celebrated the exact day of my daughter’s birthday by eating out for lunch and dinner, and watched “The Lion King” in between.

Thinking of all the chores I needed to do, and the 3 subjects I needed to make a lesson plan for, I must say I was really really distracted, that I didn’t have enough time to reflect on God’s word, and reflect on the songs we were to use for worship.

My being distracted was so evident that a Tito-in-Christ noticed that I seemed to be holding back things I wanted to say in the prayers during worship in the first session of the Feast. But what somehow struck me was how the main preacher commented on my delivery of the prayers, but not necessarily on what I spoke of.

So somehow, I believe that the Holy Spirit still spoke a little through me. But I felt that I still needed to ward off the distractions and just clear my mind. I needed to focus on the Lord, on what He is actually telling me. Not on what I think He is saying.

In the second song during the second session, I just felt like I was able to let go and refocus on the Lord. I felt that something within me opened. And as I often tell the worship team, “nasapian ako” (spirit-filled), I believed that during that time, I didn’t know what I was saying. I wasn’t conscious of what I was praying for. I was just letting the Spirit speak through me.

I guess, after everything I have already said, my learning here is this: Distractions are actually reminders To stop and refocus on the Lord.

The “One Big Message” during the Feast last Sunday was “God is in the ordinary.” And you know what distractions are? These are skews from the ordinary. They aren’t really extraordinary, but if the ordinary is the normal, then distractions are the abnormal.

It was also confirmed through the Gospel last Sunday! See, the Gospel was about the sisters Martha and Mary. The extraordinary visit of Jesus at their home made Martha so distracted at doing all the chores and preparations around the house. But Mary focused on the Lord, and Jesus acknowledged that it was the better thing to do. (See Luke 10:38-42)

So if you’re feeling a little distracted, go back to your normal. Go back to the ordinary. Refocus on your Creator. 😊

Allow the Lord to be a constant, a regular, an ordinary in your life. Live your days with Him always present, always regarded, and always communicated with. 😊


What do you think?