When Hurt People Heal People

[Disclaimer: original entry was posted in August 2017 in my old blog… Felt that someone is undergoing something that this might resonate with them. Be blessed!]

They say that Hurt people, hurt people. This happens when those who are hurting deliberately inflict pain on others to, perhaps, make themselves feel a little better. A little less insecure, a little less incapable, a little less defeated, a little less betrayed. Sometimes, hurt people are disguised by a commanding presence, a sharp tongue, a twinkling eye, or even a smile. Sometimes they don’t realize they’re inflicting pain, and so they aren’t remorseful. But then, the comfort is short-lived, especially when guilt steps in. You feel guilty about the pain you caused (once you become aware of it) that it becomes worse. It is even sad to know that worst thing about hurt people hurting other people is hurting one’s self.

But then, I think, there’s another side to this, which I can somehow consider as a miracle..


When hurt people get together, by the grace of God, they heal together.
I guess it’s in knowing that you have other people going thru the same and that you are not alone. Or knowing that you are journeying with other people who are also hurting. Perhaps it’s a comfort knowing that your hurt does not hurt as much as those of others. Or maybe your hurt is comfort for others whose hurts are less painful than yours.

With ears and hearts opened, hurts are shared, feelings are validated, and healing of one’s self starts. When everyone is vulnerable that they become accepting and do not impose judgment. When those hardened by anger or pain are made tender with love and understanding. When those who forgot about forgiveness are reminded of their worth. When those who are broken begin to put their pieces back together.

The more that hurt people talk about their hurt, the less painful they become. Then, there will come a time that the hurt becomes a testimony of a triumph over a trial.

With this, there are times that these people who are hurt are the first ones to be healed. Once they feel the love and understanding from other hurt people, who have gone through the same or are open enough to journey with them. Once they realize that there is a way out of the hurt.

I think that’s the beauty of Church. When you’re hurt, you come to prayer, you go to church. You serve in ministry, join a life group. I believe that the Church is not only for those who are well and faithful. It is actually especially for those who are sick, in pain, or in sin.

So come to church. Come as you are. Be healed of your hurts. And then, be an instrument of healing for others.


What do you think?