When God Calls, Answer

I watched Frozen 2 with my daughter for the second time the other night. And this was what God somehow told me, as I reflect on the movie… warning though if you haven’t watched. This may contain spoilers.

See, the movie, aside from it being about the transformation of beloved characters Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, it is actually about answering our calling. Elsa hears a call that she somehow shuts off in the beginning. But after some disaster struck Arendelle, and Grandpabbie’s advise, she pursues it, and eventually finds her purpose. The true meaning of her gift, which is her becoming the fifth element, which unites the other four.

And even if only Elsa hears the call, her sister and friends come with her, and they too, find their purpose. They all transform while inside the Enchanted Forest. Some physically, some emotionally, but definitely transformed in their character. They had to undergo some death defying situations, but ultimately they were able to go through them because they all became bold and brave.


So anyway, here’s the reflection:

When God calls us, sometimes we aren’t sure if it’s really Him, and so we somehow shut it down. And when we meet someone or encounter something that God has called to tell us the exact same thing, that’s when we answer it. Because other people had unknowingly discerned for us as well… Reminds me of that story in the Bible about how God first called Samuel

When God calls us, sometimes we are in comfortable situations that it gets a little scary to go off that course. When He calls us, it is coupled with a call to be brave. To have the courage to step out into the unknown so we can discover what lies ahead. Sometimes, we may shut down His voice, but we all know He also talks through dreams, right? The Bible has so many stories on that, and apart from having spoken through dreams, the other common thing among these stories is that these people have stepped outside their comfort zones and trusted God that they are led to safety, prosperity, and a deeper understanding of their purpose in life.

When God calls us, it is because He wants us to finally start fulfilling our purpose. He may have called us a couple of times already, and we may have put off discovering what He has meant for us to do in this world, but that purpose will always be there as long as we live, and as long as we have not yet fulfilled it.

When God calls us, sometimes it can also be to put right something that we may have done in the past, and therefore telling us that we have unlimited chances to start all over again. And when we discover how much trust God has also put in us, we know that we can always do the next right thing. This reminds me a bit about Jonah…

Uhm, there… Sometimes, God speaks to us in so many ways that even animated films are filled with His messages. 🙂 Has He talked to you through the movie too?


Ooh!! One more thing. The trailer, when Elsa was trying to cross the Dark sea to reach Ahtohallan, stepping on the water which turns to solid ice… Eventually, she conquers it with the help of the water spirit in the shape of a horse. She rides the spirit after she was able to tame it. Kind of reminded me of the story about Moses whom God used to part the Red Sea so that the Israelites can cross. 🙂


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