It was the third time that my daughter got to participate in Trick or Treat. First time was in my husband’s office, where she got to go around 2 floors seeking treats.

Second time was last Saturday, and it was an event in her playschool. She got to fill a whole pumpkin bucket with goodies. Each homeroom class was divided into 2 teams, and each team had loot bags for all the play schoolers. There were 16 teams in all, so she had that number of bags, and more. They only had to go around a covered basketball court.

Yesterday, we’re at my in-laws village, where she had the opportunity to go around a whole village! She had fun going to houses who offered treats. She was not able to say what we practiced, i.e. “Trick or treat” then offering her bucket, and say thank you. I guess she was overwhelmed because she saw a lot of other trick or treaters, and some households were in full costume, much to my daughter’s fright.


We were on our way to the other half of the village when my daughter expressed fatigue and wanted to go back to her grandparents’ house. She already wanted to show her Mama (my mom-in-law) a toy she got. We told her that there were more houses on the other side, and we may get more treats. But she wanted to go home. We even offered that we carry her so she won’t get tired, but she insisted going back to my in-laws.

As we were walking back, I sort of had this proud feeling in me about how my daughter was. And I’m hoping, at least, that she gets to carry on with it as she grows older: that when she knew she had enough or more than enough, it is all enough.

Like, even if we told her that there is more, she didn’t long for more, because what she had was enough for her. And it was enough for her to share it with her mama and her cousin and parents. I’m not saying that those who went for more were greedy or something to that effect (for lack of a better word), but she was already contented with what she has, and she was happy!

She didn’t compare with the others who had bigger buckets and bigger bags filled with candies. I was even the one who noticed, hehehe! When she got that one toy that she kept bringing out of her bucket as we walked, it seemed to me that that was the toy she “dreamed of,” and everything that she got after that were just bonuses.

With a short moment of reflection, I realized that as grown ups, we are, most of the time, driven by ambition, by acquiring wealth, or by becoming more than we are and having more than we have. I couldn’t really say for sure, but I’m hoping we are all grateful for everything that we already have, and even more so grateful every time we get a little extra.

Anyway, this got long na. I’m just happy for my daughter, and my Mombrain tells me I don’t make sense anymore. Hihihi!


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