I’m writing from the emergency room, as my husband and I wait for our daughter to be admitted. It really breaks a mom’s heart when their kid feels any pain. Sometimes I ask how many of these heartbreaks would I ever have in my lifetime, as a mom.

“No! Don’t do that!” That was all what my almost 3-year old can say in contest to the IV being pricked to her hand. I was conflicted on being hurt as she felt that pain, and on being proud that she can articulate that so clearly.

But it does break a mom’s heart if a child cannot articulate exactly how he/she feels. Hours before, during our first trip to the ER, our kid was joyful and she was saying that she’s feeling better, so we went home. Then she became her sick self again, puking everything that enters her mouth.


Anyway, asking for the prayers of everyone who gets to read this post. We hope she gets discharged earlier and that she’s really okay already when she gets out. Two trips to the ER is not fun.

God bless you all.


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