It’s been quite a week. My daughter does not have playschool sessions for the entire week. I missed my classes today because I’ve been feeling sore. I have been driving my husband to the bus terminal, and have been cleaning outside the house since Monday. Even wearing a face mask whenever we go out…

The past weekend, specifically Sunday, was quite an eventful one for me. I attended the Mass and the Feast. Went to Makati with my daughter, to meet with college friends, as one was about to migrate to Canada. Attended the Post Christmas party of the Music Ministry. And finally had dinner with my in-laws, to welcome a Seminarian they’re hosting for a week.

And then, there was the Taal Volcano eruption. There was ashfall in nearby provinces, including where we live. I must have tried sweeping off inch-thick ash, and even sought help from neighbors on sweeping our roof. It’s what made me busy and a little sore this week, I need a break. 😌


There was one thing that the volcano eruption made me realize, and it therefore proved: that when things are not released, they pile, and they explode.

March 2019, when experts have given a level 1 warning on the Taal. But things escalated so fast last Sunday, that it got to level 4.

I somehow likened the volcano to a person who has bottled up feelings. And what I can tell those people is, Vent. Let it out.

When you are already bothered by something, like your heart is getting heavy due to an emotional burden/problem, tell a friend. Or better, tell God! Don’t let it get out of hand. Don’t keep it to yourself because it may further your pain. It may affect other people.

Vent if you feel that something bad is going on inside your heart, or within the bounds of your circle of influence. Let it out if it gets too heavy to bare.

Feel your feelings. Don’t let anyone invalidate it.

And when you feel like a friend is trying to open up, having cryptic posts, or all of a sudden saying things like “Thank You”, “I’m sorry,” or something else that seems out of the blue, out of context, or out of character… Just ask how they are. Let them vent. It could save their lives… And perhaps others, too! ☺


What do you think?