Don’t Say “I LOVE YOU, TOO” To Your Kids

DON’T SAY “I LOVE YOU, TOO” TO YOUR KIDS I have already shared before that my daughter loves to say “I love you” at random moments. And eventually I took these random spits of affection as God’s little reminders of His love for me everyday. I would almost always say,...Read more
We Make Do

We Make Do

I am part Ilocana. Pag nalaman ng mga tao yun, ang una nila iisipin is kuripot (stingy). Perhaps for me, it is true in a few ways. But I don’t believe that we are as a whole. Hindi naman sa ayaw maglabas ng pera, but I believe we just wanna...Read more

Not a Good Business Woman

(original post in my personal facebook page.) I AM NOT A GOOD BUSINESSWOMAN   I guess I have finally admitted it to myself that I am not a good businesswoman. With my husband, I think we have gotten ourselves into businesses that haven’t really stuck with us, and leaving us...Read more