Ugly Dolls

I love watching animated films. Never mind that they are drawings. But because they are colored and most likely aimed at a more general audience, they are almost always packed with lessons, and would really touch your heart.

So the latest movie my daughter and I watched was Ugly Dolls. immediately I knew that this would be jam-packed with heartfelt story lines. You know how I can tell? The trigger word is Ugly.

Oh my, oh my, it’s a wonderful movie to watch with a little one. It talks about loving yourself, and loving being yourself. And that beauty is what’s within and not only what is on the outside.

The soundtrack is great also. Even featuring the powerful voice of Kelly Clarkson, who’s “Stronger” became the forerunner for “Broken & Beautiful” and “Unbreakable”. I’m now putting those two songs in my playlist for Empowering Declarations.
Surprisingly, it was only given a 27% by Rotten Tomatoes. But then, I wouldn’t rely their ratings on animated films. Well, not always.
Ay, I won’t talk about it anymore. Just watch it! You won’t regret it!

Remember that this movie was mainly targeting kids, so some would think it’s a little mababaw. But for us, we liked. It.


What do you think?