Trust The One In Charge

I submitted this original article to one of those article submissions sites, as part of a Freelancing course portfolio. I may look sooper proud (yeah, because it’s in, but because it took more than one or two articles before I ever had one published.

I Took Charge

I didn’t publish this in my freelancing website because it wasn’t supposed to be published anywhere else prior to submitting it to where it’s published now. There was one article that I did, and made around 3 versions of it, but it always comes out as duplicate content, which is what it exactly was. Ahehe!

I didn’t have the courage, nor the confidence to ever write a new article or blog from scratch, that wasn’t related to relationships, motherhood, or any random thought. So when I was able to write one that I think was a little technical, I felt proud and submitted it to different article submissions sites, in different versions…


And each one got rejected.

I actually felt at one point, a little discouraged to write. I felt that nothing that I write will ever be good enough. Heck, even my blogs here, I always have that sinking feeling that no one was ever going to read it. No one was ever gonna like anything I write. No one was even going to share any of my post. And the saddest part, no one was ever blessed by anything.

And that felt really bad…

So, when I saw in one of my emails that one article/post actually went live, I was ecstatic! It didn’t matter that the website didn’t have high DAs and PAs (SEO lingo 😊), it just felt that, someone outside of my circle,  someone who have never seen me or known me, saw that my article was worth publishing.

Putting God In Charge

Then I remembered how that article came about. It came at a time when I just said, “Lord, bahala ka na.” (Lord, You’re in-charge.) And I just tapped my keys even if at times what I wrote didn’t make sense. Heck, if you’ll check the article, it even had a messy layout!!

But it was posted anyway… And it just reminded me to always trust and put God in-charge of every thing. Even those seemingly little and insignificant things.

It reminded me that even if other people don’t appreciate my work, God always does and without any bias or judgment. That when I feel discouraged or even lack the confidence to ever amount to anything, God always reminds me that I am worthy and loved, through the simplest of things, and He makes sure I realize it.

Definitely it reminded me that He is always in charge. How ever little or strong our faith is in Him, He never loses His faith in us. He made us who we are. He definitely knows who we are and who we aren’t.


‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I willstrengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I willuphold you with My righteous right hand.’

Isaiah 41:10 | NAS


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