Trials Train You

I was able to attend the anticipated mass earlier. Usually, before attending the Sunday mass, I have already read the readings so that I wouldn’t have difficulty understanding them during the mass. Today was one of those days that I wasn’t really able to do that.

What struck me in the readings was in the second reading, particularly Hebrews 12:6 which says, “For whom the Lord loves, He disciplines…

When the verse struck me, I’m sorry Lord but I got distracted… And something kept repeating inside my head: that trials are trainings…


Now, I’m used to hearing that God has His way of turning trials into treasure. It’s always about what the outcome is going to be after one encounters a trial… But when this line struck me, it wasn’t about the outcome, but about the process.

Trials are not just about what happens after it’s over; it is also so much more about what happens during! Now, we are all going through trials in our own little and different ways, and we almost always think about what the outcome is. But have we thought about what God is doing to us while we are going through it?

So when God lets us go through trials, we know that He loves us and that He wouldn’t allow anything bad happen to us. And when we do go through trials, it’s for a purpose, for His purpose…

And so, the next time you realize that you are being tried and tested, I guess you can ask God, “God, what are You training me for?”


What do you think?