Yesterday, we celebrated the 10th year anniversary of the Feast Alabang District, The theme was about “Perfect Love,” from 1 John 4:18-19. And when I look back on how the past 10 years have been, I’d say it was truly God’s perfect love for me that I made it through.

I started attending the Feast in March 2010, so technically it’s only been a little over 9 years for me. I first came with an officemate, following a terrible heartache, and was finally ready to receive love from the ultimate source. And I never looked back.

I found Someone worthy of my service in the Feast. I have the best Boss that I can ever worked for, because He sees the best in every little thing I do! And I get the best acknowledgement and manisfestation of achievements through the Feast these past years I’ve been in it.


I’ve met a great set of friends that even if I don’t see everyday, we see each other again and it’s as if you didn’t part ways. I met my better half in the Feast, and gained a large spiritual family.

I got all of these because of God’s perfect love. Paired with opening my heart and allowing His love fill all the void parts of my life.

So here’s 🍾 to more years for The Feast Alabang District!


What do you think?