Tired but Comfortable

It took around 2 months before I was able to tend to our little garden. Some vines from the unoccupied lot adjacent to ours have already crawled onto the wall we’ve put up to separate our lots, and it has also crawled into some plants within our garden. Some vines have also crept up the gate, and covered part of that little front yard we have. I can only see wild plants, and no longer the gravel we originally put there.

I started around half past six this morning. The sun has risen but not too high, just enough to brighten the skies. I pulled out the weeds, some very tall grass, and other wild vines. I needed to pull them one by one, just so I’d include the roots.

I wasn’t really checking the time, but I have noticed the sun getting higher. I was a bit on a roll, so I just had to continue. I’ve seen a lot of insects, even those that cause you the itchies, and I knew I just need to get rid of those wild plants. I only had some gardening gloves, so I only had utter strength to pull the plants, even the small trees, upto their roots.


I have felt my hands getting blisters, and I was getting really tired, when I noticed something. We don’t have a roofed garage and garden, but since the sun wasn’t directly on top of me, its rays were shining in a certain degree, and it wasn’t too hot. Then I noticed that whenever I go to a spot where the sun directly shines, it gets shady, like the cloud covers it. I have noticed that it was getting hot, but everytime I get to that unroofed spot, the cloud somehow covers the heated rays for me.

And somehow, it spoke to me of God giving me comfort, even if I was already tired…

I really felt that I was tired. I went on to my gardening for almost 3 hours, but I did not really feel the blistering heat (9am sun rays are already hot in my part of the world at this time of the year). I knew I was tired, but I was able to go on because God somehow gave me the shade from the clouds, and a gentle breeze.

And it was just a good reminder that God is always with me, even if I do the lowliest of things. That He always watches, and He knows what I need even before I ask it. And He knows that perfect time, when to deliver what we need even if we didn’t ask for it.


Exo 33:14 | And He said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.”


What do you think?