The TV, Our Nanny

(Disclaimer: This was posted on my old blog early this year, when my daughter was around 2.5 years old. I posted something similar yesterday in my personal facebook account, which I will share in the next few days here. 💕)

“Mamee, look at me! I’m drinking!”

“Wow, look Mamee, friends sila!” (“They’re friends.”)


“Oh no! Look out!”

“No, wait, I’m doing something!”

“Mamee, what’s happening?”

“Hey, I’m hungry, Mamee..”

“Bye Dadee, see you later.”

“I’m here!”

“Thanks Mamee/Dadee! You’re the best!”

Just this morning…

“Merry Mismas (Christmas) Mamee!”

Just some of the statements Sofie has been saying the past few weeks. I’m not sure if these “signify” anything advanced in her. I surely can’t give myself credit to teaching her these things. Even I am surprised that she already knows these. The sentence construction. The thought. It’s amazing!

I owe it all to our television. I now realize it wasn’t called the SmartTV for nothing. 😊

I know there would me so many moms who would cringe seeing my title. But you know what? It works for my kid. She may have a few hours a day of screen time, especially when I’m preoccupied with stuff at home (being a full time mom and work from home mom, you can only imagine how much I have on my plate). She doesn’t always look at the screen though, but I let it run just so she wouldn’t think she’s all alone while I’m in the kitchen or taking a bath.

But I think that’s how she gets it. Since we’re tuned in to mostly cable channels, she more in tune with the English Language than our mother tongue (which is Filipino). She takes what she hears, pieces them together, and comes up with her own statements. Enough to imagine that two toys, one on each hand, are having conversations, or in a race (I would sometimes hear her say, “On your mark, get set, go!” yeah, not even the simple “Ready, Set, Go,” but she knows that too. 😊)

Bottom line, I really don’t think it’s bad to give your kids a lot of screen time. I think that’s where my kid got to witness compassion, service, love, and faith of other people, because I believe, even if it’s enough that she sees it from her parents, it helps that she sees others exhibit it. She has her toys, she has her books, and we have Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Junior to help her.

To the moms out there who thinks it’s outrageous to give kids more screen time than what should be allowed… Know that as moms we all try… We try to give what we think is best for our kids. We try to see what works for them. We try to use and maximize what ever resources we have. And we try to be the best parents for our kids. Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean it can work for us as it did yours. We all know that nothing is perfect, and early on in their life, we want our kids to be resilient, resourceful, imaginative, creative, and all that hullabaloo. And as parents, we want to be like that too.

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