The Perfect Day

.I have always dreamt of having a perfect day. I’m not too sure what that day would have in store for me. But there are days when I think I already have it, and then something happens…

There are times when, after I’m done taking a shower, and knowing that my daughter already had her bath, too, I would say that it’s a perfect day already, because I can basically do a lot of things and perhaps be able to go out of the house anytime after that.

Then, I would be so consumed of flicking my thumb across my phone and scanning and browsing through social media posts that I would already waste a great number of minutes (that may have turned into hours already) unproductive.


I would sometimes think that the perfect day is that day when I’m finally able to follow my schedule to a tee. Like, if I have listed down everything I need to do for a specific day, and be able to check off items from that list one by one, it’s perfect already. But then, this would entail me remembering to grab my planner and jot down what I need to do. And if I was ever able to do that, the next thing is to actually remember reviewing my planner for what needs to be done.

The last time I ever update my planner was I think 2 weeks ago, and that was when I noted things I have already done, to perhaps make me remember the next time I need to do it again. Such chores are changing curtains, bedsheets, and that blue thingy I put on the toilet flush.

And then, I would realize that a perfect day isn’t really about what I was able to do, or having to do things based on how I imagined them to be. There isn’t really a perfect day, because there is almost always something that can ruin it. But then, it would still depend on how I react to that that would determine whether something ruined my day or merely scratched it.

So, the perfect day exists as long as I have the happy disposition to let everything unfold. When I turn those unwanted disturbances into unexpected surprises. When I let schedules and accomplishments be task-based and not time-based (like as long as my kid and I had eaten lunch, it doesn’t really matter whether we have it at 11am or at almost 2pm… yeah, not a very good example, but my daughter doesn’t complain!) When I am able to say, “Good job” or “Nice work” for something that was done, whether perfectly or poorly based on “professional” standards, because I was able to do it as opposed to unable to do it.

When I’m living with the mantra of making memories, rather than counting and pushing for milestones, so that I won’t push myself and my kid to accomplish tasks just because kids her age are already doing it (and moms like me are supposed to already start doing it.) When I remember not to always push myself to be perfect, but just sane, healthy, and very much okay.

Then I guess I’m not living a perfect day, but a day that ends with me feeling good about myself, and okay with what I have done… That is perfect.


What do you think?