The Messier, The Better

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More than a decade ago, I was working for this cool sneaker company. We’ve had rockstars and really cool people/celebrities for endorsers. Tattooed guys, singing alternative and relatable music. Anyway, back then, it was embarrassing to wear super clean sneakers because we believed that the more soiled and dirty they looked, they had more character.

Of course, after a decade, things could be ever so different. We go back to a time when having dirty shoes simply meant you didn’t have time to clean them. Or maybe are lazy to do so??? 🤔🤔🤔


Now, no longer talking about sneakers. There’s something for me that looks a lot better when it’s a little dirty, messy, and used up. That for me, weirdly, is the Bible.

Why? For me, a Bible with a “used” condition only meant it was read a lot. The pages were flipped a lot of times. I would have loved it if my Bible had doodles of reflections or realizations around the pages. I guess that paved the way for those Bible diaries, that you need not a separate journal to jot down your thoughts about what you read. You can simply write them down on the space provided.

And I guess it’s also how it is with our lives.

Today, some people would look up to you when you’ve lived a good life. A clean and straight life. Good behavior, good character. Good grades, all the good stuff. When every thing about your life is the ideal.

But I believe, just like a Bible in a “very used” condition, God uses our lives when it had been messy, dirty, and full of the bad stuff. God uses the dark pasts, the blurry visions, the stained and broken parts, because those give us our own unique character. Character that was molded in God’s goodness, in His grace, in His mercy.

And God continues to use our lives to testify how transformative His love is. How our mess can be so beautiful. How our hurts can help heal other people. How our brokenness can bless. How our struggles show God’s strength perfectly.

So, are things in your life so messy right now? You feel used, taken advantage of. Tired, but still all worked up? Think of yourself as a Bible, whose pages God flips back and forth. Your life has a Genesis and a Revelation. Someday, someone else will flip through the pages of your life, and your life will become the closest thing to a living Bible that they can ever experience.

So live your life through all the mess. Through all the dirty parts. Remember the cross that made it all clean. The tunic stained with blood. The head crowned with thorns. If it wasn’t for that mess, we may never know what a better life is. What a cleansed heart and soul feels.

God bless you! 


What do you think?