The Lord Knows Everything

Ever since this coronavirus related quarantine was enforced, I have seen some people posting about the things they have done for other people. I’ve seen people initiating fund raisers for manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPEs), surgical masks and gloves, and for food donations for front liners and other people still working despite the quarantine.

Since we all couldn’t necessarily go outside, we all wanted to help in any way we can. We give donations through a lot of outlets and mediums. I’m both surprised and very blessed that we can still help by being online. We all mediate between those who have means and those who need them.

Then somehow, the Lord reminded me of this verse:


“Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.”
Matthew 6:1 | NIV

I am not saying that those who post on social media what they do to help, are doing so to be seen by others. They can be using the power of social media to glorify God through these acts, and encourage every one who sees their posts to do the same. For all we know, these can initiate a wave of good deeds from one community to another. Perhaps also, these are being posted for the purpose of accountability: to show that whatever the deeds were, they were possible because of donations. The donors may want to know where their contributions went.

And I am definitely not saying that those who do not post anything are not doing anything at all. Just because people now think that “It’s not official if it’s not on Facebook,” doesn’t mean they should post things to legitimize it. When people do something good using their own resources, they are not accountable to other people in showing them what they did. What’s that other verse? You cannot let the right hand know what the left hand did? According to Matthew 6:3 | NIV… Oh look! It’s continuation of the one I posted earlier!

Whatever the reason, the Lord knows. He knows what’s in our hearts. He knows the love and the genuine desire to help that is inculcated in each of us. To recognize, sympathize, and empathize with those who are suffering because of this unseen enemy.

God bless you all! We will all get through this victorious. I believe the Lord already is, as He had already gone before us. 🙂

– God-guided Gal


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