The Glass Is Refillable

I don’t remember where and when I took hold of this quote. I think someone posted it in social media, and I related to it right away.

I am a person who almost always sees the glass half-empty. Some would probably think that this is negative, and that the positive one is seeing a glass that’s half full.

Now, I always see it as half-empty because I believe that there is always room for more. In anything in life! Room for more improvement. Room for a bit more effort. Room for a little tweaking. And, it’s half-empty because that is only either my contribution or God’s contribution in it.


It should be full, as in us working together, and of course, allowing God to stir it to complete it, to perfect it.

Now, after seeing this quote again, after quite sometime since I last posted it, I do believe that the glass of life is refillable. And it’s always God who fills it. 🙂

When we give up something, or surrender anything to God, we leave a little something in our life. It could be love, hope, faith… A bit more trust. A bit more strength to hold on and keep ourselves alive. That small belief in the impossible.

And then, as it is a refillable glass… God just fills it how ever He wills it, to the brim.

Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over…
Luke 6:38



What do you think?