Thank You, Lord For Every Thing

I write this away from home, and I can’t help but thank the Lord for every thing that He has done in my life, and for every thing that He is still doing… Big, small, good, not so good.

I think I have shared a few posts ago that, as a non-worrier, I have began worrying about stuff that is happening in our lives. Triggered by my laptop’s accident and the cost that went with it, I began to worry about different aspects of our lives, particularly our finances.

And then, it came to me… We never really ran out of money. Like, come down to the last few pesos. But we did come short of our budget.


I guess, because this was an accident, we can get it from our emergency fund??

Anyway, the reason I wrote is because I realized it’s the first day of the 3rd month of 2020 (in my part of the world, that is…) and I just wanna usher it in by just saying, “Thank You, Lord.”

(Must be “Fakesgiving.” TATB:PSISLY reference, hihihi!)

Thank You, Lord, for having this short staycation with the family.

Staycation with these two. Can’t thank God enough for them.

Thank You, Lord, for having a new business opportunity that would lead to another new source of income.

Thank You, Lord, for still receiving orders as a dealer of Natural and Locally-made products.

Thank You, Lord, for a toddler who slept during my drive from Makati to San Pedro, then back to Ortigas. Especially thankful that I had the car stereo for myself, listening to worship songs. (A break from the “Frozen” and “To All The Boys…” soundtracks.)

Thank You, Lord, for that monthly cycle, that told us that we are not ready for another baby… Because we need time for our new baby (business), and we need to attend to our current baby’s formal homeschool beginnings.

Thank You, Lord, for good health, even if I’m having a little sore throat (definitely not covid-19 related!!!)

Thank You, Lord, for a snoring husband, knowing that he is, literally, sleeping soundly, after the pressures of his project at work.

Thank You, Lord, for a playful toddler, who had so much energy after that long sleep, that was awake until midnight. I know some couples are still longing to become parents someday.. And my prayers are with them.

Thank You, Lord, for “Jung” (another TATB reference… My gash!!!) I know I have it for so many people in this lifetime.

Thank You, Lord, in advance, for my parents’ 37th wedding anniversary on Thursday. They just inspire me so much. They really are my #relationshipgoals!

And, the list goes on…

Thank You, Lord. 🙂 (cue in Don Moen, a classic worship song…)


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