(Disclaimer: This post was already published in my old blog some seven months ago. But it still pretty much applies today. Enjoy reading and be blessed! You may relate, you’d be quite surprised. 😊)


The past few days have been challenging for my husband, who had to tend to the needs of a Water Company, whose issues have been sensationalized by the media. The worst it got for him was when he stayed in the office until around 2am. And we were there as we picked him up when we thought they were gonna be finished early evening.


As I was driving to attend to some errands, with the husband still working at the backseat, beside the toddler who’s on her car seat and drinking soy milk, I got to thinking. I am so grateful to have the ability to drive. I super believe that driving is a very useful life skill. I’m grateful to God and my previous company that my past position there required that I know how to drive, and that they subsidized the first 10 hours of my driving lessons (I had to add 5 more hours to my lessons just to be really certain that I pass the driving exam and get my license).

Anyway, yes, my driving ability (and must I say, skills) has really given so much additional value to our life. When I was pregnant, I need not commute under the perilous (hahaha, exaggerated no?) heat of the sun because I can drive, and the car has air-conditioning. I didn’t need my husband to take a leave from work just so he can join me during my appointments with my OB. It would have been lovely if he can join me, but it somehow made me have an earlier bonding with our daughter even before she was born.

Now that I’m a work from home mom, knowing how to drive has helped also in running errands, without having to depend on my husband to take me places. It was also nice that I use my driving as a way to serve my family. Like I get to drive for my aging parents when they need to go somewhere and not be too stressed about the commute. I get to drive for my husband during times he still needed to do something related to work or service. And of course I drive my daughter to places. Eventually I’d like to teach her while she goes through driving lessons with a professional.

Whenever I drive through bad traffic, I still get to thank God because the time and how I get to a certain place, I don’t need it surrendered to someone else. I just have to rely on Waze and on God for direction and patience. It’s that one time I can have a little control over something in my life.

Though it may seem convenient to just have someone drive for you, think about how much you can increase your value and extend your service to other people when you know how to drive. So if you have a car at home, take the opportunity to learn how to work it. 😊


What do you think?