Television in Moderation

A few days ago, I have shared, in my personal Facebook account, my tot who has turned off the television on her own. My husband reacted to that by saying that she even sometimes refuses to turn it on! Here’s what I said in that post:

The TV was on, but her fave show has ended, so she got her Ninong’s gift and started putting things together. She turned the tv off by herself.

I would say that exposing her to tv at a young age didn’t cause some of those adverse effects that some experts say. It made her articulate, imaginative, and as early as now, she knows when she’s had enough.

I’m not saying young moms should let their kids watch tv all the time. Everything in moderation lang. Besides, consider also the other things that your kid can preoccupy themselves with. Sofie still did other things even if the tv is on. Then it surprises us when she retains what she hears. Parang multi-tasking lang. 😊

I think we’re good na for homeschooling! 😍😍😍
[Good luck saken. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚]

I have also shared a blog I wrote early this year about using our TV as somewhat her nanny, whIle I do stuff. And it worked for me, as a mom, and for her, who’s very much impressionistic and welcoming to new things.

And to moms out there, I highly recommend Disney Junior for showing programs that are really kid-friendly. The shows feature kids that they can immitate, and they can somehow see how kids, that could be their same age, relate to others.


Some shows would feature talking animals or talking muppets, and it may distort their image of reality (I know it’s an issue for some moms), but let us not complicate tv watching for them. Yes, it’s entertaining. Some are educational. And one good thing is it allows them to be imaginative, enhancing their pretend play!

Of course, everything in moderation. I allow our daughter to watch tv, and let it go on for hours. But I make her do other things while it’s on. I mean, she’s not glued to it.

At the end of the day, what matters is she had fun, she made memories, she learned stuff, and spent time together. 😊😊😊


What do you think?