[Disclaimer: draft of this post was composed late Saturday night, following the Friday described. Sunday came, and we truly felt God working so powerfully in all of us then. 😊)

I think one of the most stressful situations that the worship team has ever encountered was that of not having an area to rehearse together. Yes, we have practiced individually, but of course, we needed to rehearse together, singers, instrumentalists and worship leaders.

But last Friday, because of circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to rehearse together, and a reschedule of the rehearsal was also not possible.


Despite that, we went ahead and met up to discuss what we’ll do instead on Sunday. Since we weren’t able to practice, we talked about contingencies.

To make it a bit more productive, we had some reflection time over the songs on our line up, and I must say that I felt the team came more together because we were able to just sit down, and not be preoccupied by band set up, mic mixing, and other preps for rehearsal. We just sat discussion worship points. I believe that when I do my exhortation and prayer on Sunday, it would be the summary of a collaboration among members.

So as not to preempt how we’ll lead people to worship, I wouldn’t include what we’ve discussed here. But I may be able to share my take away from this experience: when you’re stressed, you’re just being stretched.

I believe when we are being stretched, we are pulled out of our wits, and we are being made resilient, persistent, and enduring. We are maximized, but not taken advantage of. But we are somehow forced to bring out the extent of our abilities and our beliefs.

So come Sunday, I believe that God will fill whatever it is that we lacked. His strength, His power, will definitely be perfected by how we’ll do during worship. It is really up to us to let everything go, and just let God really take control.

I’m blabbing, but I hope you all get what I mean.


What do you think?