Spiritual Warfare
One night, during my bible study with some HS batch mates, we talked about David and Goliath. Our passage was derived from 1 Samuel 17:1-58. (Btw, kudos to Jac who presented it very well, super ang dami kong gustong iresearch now about that story. hehe!)
One batchmate mentioned a book that I’ve read a while back (and planning to read again), David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell. This book talked about how the seemingly disadvantaged can defeat giants, and somehow also focusing on how giants like Goliath can be defeated.
Our discussion last night had this one big message that struck me: we shouldn’t fight spiritual battles with worldly weapons. We should use Godly weapons.
I knew some people na yung takbuhan nila when they have problems, eh alak, sigarilyo, some even drugs. Some families have abusive relationships between spouses or even parents and kids, when they go through problems. Some people even become self-destructive when they go through something na parang hindi na nila kaya. That they give up nalang.
Now some would think, paano naging spiritual battles yung namention ko? Financial problems, relationship problems, emotional problems… Spiritual ba lahat yun? I believe so.
In a way, I believe that whenever we go through problems, it’s either we are not using the gifts of the spirit, or God’s gifts properly, or damay tayo sa circumstances ng iba, and God lets these things happen to us para He can later on be glorified because He will bring about victories in our lives. Diba?
Nga pala, these problems and challenges, these can be considered as our Giants. They have many names: pwedeng Pain, Sorrow, Depression, Defeat, Failure, a Dream na ang tagal magkatotoo. They appear big when we’re feeling low. They appear strong and intimidating. And they persist, will continue to haunt and taunt you.
Anyway, so in our discussion, David refused to wear the armor and use the weapons that were given to Israeli soldiers. Not only because he is not familiar with using them, but also because he hasn’t tested it for himself if it would work. Ang sanay siya eh yung mga ginagamit niya as a shepherd, to guard the sheep against lions and bears.
And what I also realized here was David was super dependent on God, and God alone. He trusted that God had prepared him for this type of battle. And he has this kind of relationship with God na he believes he will be victorious kahit anu pa yung enemy in front of him. Ang galing lang. Ang galing talaga!
So yun, whenever we are facing our Giants, may times naman na we would exhaust all our resources and efforts while we do so. Eh since we’re facing these challenges din naman, why not put on God as your shield and weapon against them? Why not use prayers to defend yourself or be in the offensive?
Why not surrender everything to Him, so He can fight for and with us?
Yun lang po… God bless you all!

What do you think?