Sow Seeds

I was struck by a line in the Gospel for yesterday: “A sower went out to sow.” – Mark 4:3

I have probably read the parable of the sower more than a dozen times. And it was just amazing how God spoke to me through this line. It was simply, “I don’t discriminate in loving and providing.” The sower went out to sow. The Gospel goes on to enumerate where exactly the seeds were sown, and then further explained what each area represent.

It struck me that the sower sowed the seeds anyway.


Never mind that it fell on rocky path, on thorny bush, on sand, or on good soil. The fact is, the sower just threw these seeds, generously, continuously, indiscriminately.

God doesn’t have a system on choosing who to love or shower blessings to. He doesn’t calculate the amount of love based on our goodness or otherwise.

And He would love that all of us grow into beautiful creations that would bear fruit and new seeds, to help Him spread His love across more areas.. Flowers that beautify a garden. Trees that bear fruit. Plants providing vegetables. All were once seeds that the sower sowed.

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