Small Talks

I have a confession: I am very much obsessive and compulsive about my content in this blog. I am, after all working for an Almighty Father, I just have to get His message across as clear and as concise as possible. But there really are times when I am tempted to write long entries, and then I get pressured that it takes one a while before it gets done because it hasn’t gone to my target number of words.

Then one time, God spoke through my husband. See, he is a big supporter of my blog, and living with me for almost 4 years, he knows my relationship with God, and how He has given me some talent in writing. He just told me to write anything that God tells me, and not be bound to a specific length.

Okay, so I have mentioned that God talks a lot. But you know what, it’s because He enjoys having conversations with you and me! And when He talks, I just realized, it’s all in short but really sweet messages. What actually just makes it long is when I have already incorporated my reaction, reflection, and realization of what He said.


I’m kinda having mixed emotions right now about Him talking a lot. But ultimately I figured, He just loves small talks with us. Like, in the daily course of our lives, He just loves it when we strike up conversations with Him. It doesn’t really matter what the topic is, as long as you’ve made Him a part of any of your conversations (apart from your scripture or prayer time).

So, talk to Him anytime about anything…

“Lord, it’s so hot today!”

“Thank You Lord, I got to the office on time.”

“Are You kidding me, Lord?”

“Aww, that cat is so cute, isn’t it Lord?”

“Lord, why can’t I carry this box?”


It doesn’t matter what the topic is! Just talk to Him. And don’t be surprised if He answers back. 😀

As for me, unless it’s an entry from old posts (that I’m just reposting.) I’ll make my blogs short and sweet. 😊


What do you think?