My daughter has probably watched the animated film “SING” so many times already, that I think it deserves a movie review from a mom like me. Believe me, this movie has a lot of life lessons in it. (Warning: very long post ahead…)

Okay, so my review wouldn’t really be about SING, but it will mostly be about its characters. See, the characters are so relatable (and that’s saying a lot for an animated film), even if they’re all animals. They personify so many things that happen in real life. I’ll include the voice talents and the description of the characters, so if you haven’t watched this, you can check it in Netflix. 😛

The main characters in SING are animals, and the plot of the movie revolved around, of course, singing. It was actually amazing to hear the voice talents sing because I’ve only watched them act in movies. Knowing that they can also sing was actually awesome. Okay, so here it goes…


Buster Moon – (Matthew MacConaughey) a Koala bear who owns the Moon Theater; fell in love with theater at age 6, purchased the Moon Theater with the help of his dad who made a living in a car wash. His shows flopped and so he decided to make a singing competition.

Buster Moon somehow symbolizes that aspect of our life where we dream and take risks. There are times when we fail and then try again. His character was the one who mentioned this quotable quote…

Buster Moon also shows us how we can be creative in bringing ourselves back up from the rut. He shows us that even if we fall really hard, we also bounce back higher. He is also not afraid to swallow his pride and ask for help.

Johnny – (Taron Egerton) a young gorilla caught in his dad and gangs’ heists. They actually own a car repair shop (or something like that).

Johnny’s character symbolizes our relationship with our parents. He’s such a loving son, that even if he knows that what his dad and gang was doing was wrong, he still supported it. He even joined the contest to help his dad out, so that they would never need to rob again.

Rosita – (Reese Witherspoon) a Mommy pig of 25 piglets. A housewife to Norman, who somehow no longer sees her as a hottie, but relies on her as the one who takes care of everything in the house. From breakfast to car keys. Her chores alone makes her so busy, and of course, caring for 25 kids and making sure they’re fed and ready for school. Such a super mom if you ask me.

Rosita resonates so much with me being a mom who has somehow lost her glow as she goes buried deep into piles of laundry, household chores, and child-rearing. She symbolizes that aspect of our life where we forget about our former glory because of our present predicament. But the good thing about her is that she never forgot about her dreams, and when the opportunity came, she grabbed it. Even if it meant creating contraptions around the house that would make things work without her being actually there.

Ash – (Scarlett Johansson) a teenage girl porcupine who is usually the back-up vocals for the songs her boyfriend Lance composes. Now, this girl is my daughter’s favorite. 🙂 She’s like this punk princess who plays guitar and has mean vocals.

Ash is somehow that aspect in our life when we go against authority or other people, to do our own thing. She shows us the sad fact that sometimes, even if we try to please other people, they really don’t appreciate it. She also shows that aspect of our life that we can be betrayed by people we love, but we must find ways to get back up. For her, in the movie, her go-to was music. She shows us that we can give ourselves time to cry and mull over our sadness, but we should also not dwell on it for very long.

Meena – (Tori Kelly) a teenage girl elephant who’s very shy, but is actually super talented in singing. Loved by her family and their neighbors.

Meena is like our fears and worries and anxieties. That we only need to trust in ourselves and what we can do, so that we can try everything to reach our dreams. There are times when we are put into situations we don’t like by other people, but we need to learn how to be patient, and also how to ask for what we want even if we’re not so sure we’ll be accepted or rejected. She also shows us that even if we do not believe in ourselves, we have family and friends who can support us and believe in us, and even empower us to reach for our dreams.

Mike – (Seth MacFarlane) a mouse who’s also a saxophonist and a gambler who gets a really nice car, and gets the girl betting on a prize money he has not won yet.

For me, Mike is actually not a good character. He is egotistic, he bullies, and he cheats. But one thing I like about Mike is that he does not allow other people to push him around. He refuses to be the pipsqueak who amounts to nothing. He goes and proves himself in front of those who think so little of him. And in life, we do encounter people who does nothing but put us down, and we know that we really need not prove ourselves to them. What matters is how much we believe that we are not what these people think negatively of us.

Eddie – (John C. Reilly) Buster’s best friend, a sheep living in the pool house of his parents. Helps Buster out in the theater and the car wash.

I think it would be obvious if I say that Eddie symbolizes our friendships. He is proof that even if we put ourselves into a rut, someone will be loyal enough to get us back up on our feet. Eddie also was not afraid of criticising Buster’s choices, and bringing in some logical sense when he comes up with outrageous plans. But even if Buster didn’t listen while Eddie tried talking some sense into him, he still supported and didn’t rub in the failure and ask for an “I told you so” from Buster. He just reminded him of Buster’s quotable quote, and helped him get back up.

Ms. Crawly – Buster’s secretary. The culprit behind the big prize money. Instead of $1,000, Ms Crawly’s glass eye accidentally hit zero two times more than intended.

Ms. Crawly is somehow the personification of accidents turning into blessings. If it weren’t for the unfortunate incident, there won’t be a lot of people auditioning for the singing competition. Buster Moon wouldn’t have met the talents who eventually helped him rebuild the New Moon Theater.

Accidents or misfortunes may cause us misery, but eventually, once we learn the lesson and realize the purpose, we rise and become winners over it. We work around whatever trial we have to face, then we develop resilience, endurance, creativity, and even trust in our own abilities.

Lastly, there is Ms. Nana Noodleman – Eddie’s grandmother. Once a theater actress. A very rich and powerful individual.

Now, I see her as the personification of God. And as you watch the movie, you might ask, how come? See, Nana at first denied Buster of any help. This made Buster want to prove himself that he is worthy of Nana’s help. So how does this come close to how God is with us?

Okay, see, I believe that God has three kinds of answers when we ask Him for something: “Yes,” “Not now,” and “I have something better.” Nana’s answer was similar to a “Not now”, but she didn’t actually deliberately ask Buster to prove himself. What she actually did was make Buster improvise… Make do with what he has.

So with this, I think it is similar to how God wants us to know how to use our talents and maximize it, because this proves to Him that we can be trusted with more (see parable of the talents). The prize money was a lot of responsibility, and Nana wanted to know how ready Buster is when he gets the help he asked for.

Anyway, this post is getting long, and I’m hoping I’ve driven to the point what I actually wanted to say.

Watch the movie! Believe me, it doesn’t get old. Hehehe! As you watch it over and over (like I have), you’ll see how beautiful, realistic, and relatable the movie is. 🙂


What do you think?