Simple But Heartfelt

It was raining so hard, but my husband needed to leave early for a meeting. The venue is around 30kms away from our house, and knowing SLEx and EDSA traffic, it might take him a while.

He was pretty much worried that he’ll get wet if he goes through the rain. He bid me and our sleeping tot goodbye and went out of our room. Still felt some movement downstairs.

I uttered a simple prayer, “Palambing naman Lord” (affectionately asking for a favor), “Pahina naman ng ulan,” (“please stop the downpour.”)


So guess what happened? It did tone down the rain! It took more or less 5 minutes from the time my husband uttered his concern, and God granted my request. Perhaps 15 mins after my husband has left, I can only hear droplets falling on the roof, probably just from the aircon.

And so, that’s what I realized. God really says yes to simple requests. Stopping the rain was simple? For Him, most definitely. But I think the reason He granted it immediately was because it was meant for someone else.

You might be asking, what about those simple and heartfelt prayers about healing other people, or getting lost loved ones back? Or, for those attending/serving the Feast, the simple and heartfelt requests written in the Novena to God’s Love.

Honestly, only God knows the answer to that.

He has reasons why He grants or does not grant everything, simply because He has a purpose for everything. Whether good or bad, He has a purpose for it, right?

I just want to set a little example, from what He made me realize through what He did when I asked today. And most likely He has done similar things in the past, but because they are simple, and needed-at-the-moment requests, I no longer recall them. But know that He grants them.

Pretty much similar to Him granting a request even if He just heard you sigh. He knows what is in your heart. He knows what you need at every moment. So that’s it.

I hope I made sense… It’s still early! Haven’t even done my scripture time. Hehehe!

(40mins since my husband’s airing out of his concern, it started raining again. But he’s most likely in a bus already.)


What do you think?