Saints Peter and Paul
Today is the Memorial for these two saints, Peter and Paul. Aside from the two saints remembered during my birthday, these 2 are also my favorites.
Peter and Paul are proof that saints weren’t born. They were chosen and called, before they were made. Now, I’m no theologian, but just listening to preachers tell their stories made me somehow know about their lives.
They were the first proof that “God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called.”
Peter was a fisherman, and he was called to be fishers of men. He was the first Pope, and from him, the church that we know today, began (of course, it originally started when Jesus began teaching, diba?)
Anyway, there were instances where you would think that he doesn’t qualify as a saint. Like, he denied Jesus 3x nga diba? Then he had little faith when he tried to walk on water. Tapos nangtapyas pa sya ng tenga ng Roman soldier!
He was almost always the first to volunteer. He’s usually quick to speak before thinking, that sometimes he doesn’t make any sense.
And yet, Jesus called him The Rock upon which His Church was built. The rock that was a foundation, and the rock that was solid. Tipong, hindi matitinag. Wow, diba?
And with Paul, oh, where do I start?
He persecuted early Christians, when he was still Saul! Kumbaga he’s the equivalent of modern day bashers of Bo Sanchez, Steven Furtick, and other preachers. He could be one of those trolls “persecuting” the Catholic and Christian movement!
Yet he was called. God’s light shone brightly on him that he was blinded, for the calling and manifestation of God in his life would be made super personal and real.
But what made me admire this saint was when he wrote his letters in prison (collectively called the Prison Epistles). He was in prison when he wrote his letters to the Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and to Philemon.
My favorite is his letters to the Philippians, where he wrote about being able to do all things through Christ, and about not being anxious about anything. Who would write that while in prison? Only a saint can. Paul did. Galing no? By the way, did I mention he wrote almost half of the New Testament. Wow, diba?
So there.
God indeed qualifies the called. If God called you, and you think you’re not ready. You’re too weak. You’re too flawed. Wow nalang. He definitely has got something great planned for you.
God bless! 🙂

What do you think?