Sadness Is Important

Nakapanuod nanaman po kami ng cartoons nung minsan. Hindi lang po namin nasimulan.

I’ve watched “Inside Out” from Disney a lot of times already. I guess, since the film is a few years old na, my title for this blog is already a spoiler.

In the movie, things get really messed up, and what made everything turn around was when the protagonist embraced sadness, as she reminisced some of the moments that gave her joy.


And it’s true!

Sometimes, things overwhelm us. Like, when different aspects of our lives act up simultaneously. Then, it would get to a point where we’re super tired and we don’t know what to do, or how to react whenever something else pops up. We just want to be left alone. Left to our thoughts.

For me, when I go that point, I just want to get away. Or just stop and not do anything. I don’t want to do anything anymore. I don’t what to think about anything anymore. I don’t want to feel anymore.

In short, tama na, ayoko na.

And then, almost always, like after I’m done perhaps crying buckets of tears or spending the minutes or hours aways just staring off into space, a trigger comes. I just let out this sigh, and I know I’m done, and it’s time to revive myself back to my old, but definitely refreshed self.

It’s okay to be sad. It is okay to be sad when you remember bad things. It is also okay to be sad when you remember the good memories.

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What do you think?