That is what we are, currently, in my part of the world. We are in an enhanced community quarantine for the next 30 days because of the Covid-19. There’s work stoppage, transportation suspension, closure of establishments (except for those offering necessities), and everyone is encouraged to just stay at home.

Others felt it was Martial Law, a Lockdown, and all that other sort of thing. For me, it was like a Legal Holiday, plus a Transport Strike, plus Good Friday, plus a Pacquiao fight. Everybody’s in their homes, waiting for the fight to finish. No one’s on the road. Establishments are closed, and everyone is made to rest. This time, it’s forced.

For me, it was time to connect with family, to reflect more on life and on God’s word, and to just be grateful that I am not one of those affected by the disease.


To everyone who’s in their homes, bored to death about just being at home. Perhaps worried about what to eat in the next couple of days because the pantry’s almost empty. Some may not even know how to deal with all the family members finally in one place for more than a day.

Just remember, God is ruler over everything. He knows everything. He is a Sovereign God.

He is in control.


What do you think?