Progress versus Comfort

“Comfort is the enemy of Progress.” This was a quote from “The Greatest Showman,” said by Hugh Jackman’s character, P.T. Barnum. There are a lot more lessons to be learned from this movie, but this one struck me the most. All too familiar Comfort zone versus Courage zone thingy.

Oh, this isn’t really a movie review. This is a “quote reflection.” Perhaps I’ll get to a review on the movie in a while. After my daughter’s done gushing over it. (Just like I did with SING. She’s over that now. Hehehe!)

Progress is your Courage Zone! I know it takes a lot of Courage, Motivation, and Resilience to leave your Comfort Zone. Yes, it’s gonna be difficult, challenging, and all the hard and discouraging words you can think of. But those, my friends, lead you to Progress.


And it’s such a strong declaration of “war” between Progress and Comfort. It does not mean though, that you do not deserve to be comfortable. You wanna be progressive so that one day you can reach that level of comfort that is equal to contentment and self-actualization.

So just keep going… If everything’s going smoothly, rest in it a while, and before you get too lax, find something that challenges you again. Another goal to achieve. Another dream to pursue. And don’t be limited to what you can do. Just believe on whatever else God can make you do. 😊


What do you think?