For my birthday this year, I went to Facebook and checked this option to create a fundraiser. I am hoping that people will donate and support this fundraiser. I have already invited people to donate.

My chosen foundation is the Amazon Aid Foundation. I have heard and learnt of the fire that destroyed so much of the Amazon Forest, and was distraught by the fact that it is subject to deforestation, in chunks! If I could only go there myself and help out, I would. But I could only do so much.

I’m hoping if you care about the environment we live on today, and for the environment our kids would grow up in, this would be a foundation you’d support and donate to.


As of date, I am still far off my goal. I am hoping to raise  P100,000 (around $2000) so if you read this, the minimum to donate is about P250 (around $5). Some of you may not be an advocate of what I’m driving to support here. I don’t want it to appear that I’m “using” God to promote this advocacy… But it is with good faith that I am seeking your help on this.

Hope we can increase the help and support, and perhaps even just reach half of the amount I pledged for the donations. Thank you all in advance! And may God bless the world we live in, now and for the future generations to come.


What do you think?