My Plant Story

I’m definitely no #Plantita, but I’m just feeling a little proud of this accomplishment. Hahaha! Guys, don’t expect, snake plants lang pinatubo ko at napadami ko. Initially, I got 6 potted plants from my mom: a fortune plant, a money tree, 2 snake plants and 2 of those with pink...Read more

Live In God’s Generosity

Live In God’s Generosity

Disclaimer: This was posted in the Feast Bulletin last Aug. 15, 2020.   Last week, our one big message is “You are a factory of miracles.” As a factory, we are not provided the finished product. Rather, God provides the raw materials, which are in the form of provisions, talents,...Read more

What Makes Your Heart Heavy?

WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART HEAVY? I was able to attend an online mass earlier, something I have yet to be consistent on doing daily. Ang galing lang talaga ni Lord. Na kahit minsan lang ako makapag-mass, He will make sure na sulit na sulit ako sa pagdalo ko. I bet...Read more