One At A Time

(Disclaimer: a draft of this post was made a few weeks ago. Not sure where I posted it, but God purposely showed it to me as a reminder..)


We live in an age that people want to accomplish a lot of things fast. People tend to “multitask” (though I read somewhere, that it’s really possible, like the brain does not work that way.)


Anyway, so I’m one of those people who want to do a lot of things. I often bring, in my bag, at least one book, my planner, my journal, multiple pens, and my cellphone. All brought with the intention that I’ll read. Or write in my journal. Or research something related to homeschooling or arts and crafts. Or check online shopping websites for new ebooks (hihihi!)

But more often than not, because life happens, I am able to accomplish… NOTHING! Hahahaha! The more I try to do many things spontaneously or simultaneously, I just could not.

So, I have succumbed to the notion that I can really only do so much at a time.

And I started today… ☺

Before taking my daughter to her playschool, I got rid of my planner, I took out my journal, and just left my cellphone. True enough, I was able to write this.

By the way, I already composed this in my head right after we got outside our house, like, as I was putting stuff out of my bag. And now, my fingers can’t seem to stop typing. 😂😂😂

I guess it helps that we have plans on what to do. These plans, we write in our journal, we schedule. We put into timely detail. But how do we actually measure how much we accomplish?

Is it by looking at our lists and checking which ones are crossed out? Is it by looking at our piles of papers or documents, and measuring how high they have gone or how low they finally are?

Ultimately I believe the truest measure of accomplishing things isn’t in how many things we have done, but how much life has been made easier because we got things done.

So, do things one at a time. I know it’s sometimes hard to focus, because there are so many other things you need to do, and just doing one at a time feel boring or even painstakingly meh.


What do you think?