If those who know us realize how much we are alike, some would think we’re probably fruits from the same tree. 🙂

We’re both ambiverts: pretty much introverted when around people we don’t know, and extroverted when around people we’re very much familiar with. We’re both a bit sensitive when it comes to the needs of others, whether we know them or not.

In terms of relationships, I must say we can take on the “short strings of patience” that our husbands have. And we love them so much anyway, and we have their last names for the rest of our lives.


God always has reasons for putting things and people together. And I think one of the simple reasons He brought us together is just so we can celebrate our birthdays together, and it’ll be easy for our friends to give us stuff. Some purple stuff please! And some Hello Kitty things, too!

Seriously, we were brought together perhaps because He wanted to show His people that relationships like ours need not be perfect. They just need to be true and definitely act on love. I’m pretty much blabbing here because I don’t exactly know why, but it sure is fun everytime I discover something about her and their family through my husband.

I may have only been part of this family on paper for barely four years, but I believe that God already had that in mind when she was born. It was an assurance years before I was born that I would grow old with someone that exudes the kind of love that only she and her husband can give. It was God’s gift and kept promise before I even set foot on earth.

Happiest of birthdays to my mom-in-law. Thank you for giving me my best friend, the one who will give me both joy and annoy for as long as we both shall live, and most importantly, love. My little family loves you dearly.


What do you think?