This pandemic talaga has brought about a lot of good ideas from everyone. We’ve learned how to stretch our resources, or find new ways to earn them! One of the ways is online reselling. I am one of those who resell.
Why do I resell? (or not resell?)
Well, honestly, I don’t have my own product. I don’t have time to make anything, and I am actually not confident that what I cook or create would create a buzz at magiging mabenta nalang, or would have repeat orders.
But I have friends whose products I believe in, na I resell, like the Sushi Bake and the Big Tub kutkutins. And I am a dealer for Human Heart Nature Products (Promotion area here! hehehe!) I resell if wla pa din nag-aalok nung product.
Yung iba, even if I like the product, I don’t resell, lalo if they’re very much active naman in other groups. And if I resell kasi, most likely medyo magiging malaki na yung price because of margins to cover gas and yung cost na I bought the product with (unless direct supplier un kausap ko.)
Another reason I don’t resell is if the product is already being offered. I actually am not comfortable with competition, ahehe! One time, someone from our subdivision offered sushi bake, I even encouraged her to sell, lalo if siya mismo gumagawa.
The last reason I don’t resell is pag walang pumapansin at all ng post ko of selling. Usually I ask for pre-orders, pero if walang kumagat, I don’t post it anymore.
Ngayon, about barters naman.
Nakakaaliw lang na I got an oven toaster and a coffee maker for the hubby from trading a car dash cam (or rearview cam) and a kleen kanteen tumbler. And a lot of homeschooling supplies for Sofie, traded it with a big bag of treats, hehehe!
And now, prang wala naman nako mababarter na iba. Not that I’m not decluttering. I still have a lot of books pero once I’ve organized that, will sell them online. Pero yung pang-barter, wala na. Most of the stuff are Sofie’s old clothes and baby stuff. Eh tabi nalang, ready if we decide to have baby number 2. (Oh, wala nang hihirit.)
But my husband has been checking barter groups pa din. Ako naman, waley na. Not interested. Parang ayoko na mag-acquire ng mag-acquire ng kung anu-ano pang gamit.
Then that’s when I realized (at ito talaga message ko, essay nanaman yung intro, pasensya napo…)
I realized, and I think a lot of us realized this during this pandemic, na you really go back to the basics. You reset everything, and you start with what’s more important.
As I’ve said, a lot of people are bartering a lot of their stuff for:
– spam
– a tray of eggs
– yakult (nung time na nagkakaubusan)
– other groceries…
They are bartering extra tumblers (like we did), bought but never used items (and some no longer brand new kasi collected dust na), extra appliances na you would be surprised to discover (mga nakatagong extra coffee maker, blender, grill, cabinet, mini-ref at kung anu-ano pa). Others traded art supplies, and kung anu-ano pang collection na collectors lang talaga would appreciate.
Dun sa mga buy and sell groups na I’m a member of, pag mga personal items, hindi masyado napapansin. Pero mabenta ang food, quarantine essentials (disinfectants, masks, face shields, alcohol) at homeschooling supplies/items.
During this pandemic, we all created and adjusted to the new normal. Online tindahan. Bentahan ng kung anu-anong pagkain or pwedeng pagka-abalahan.
At ang nakakatuwa naman, we all helped each other. Here in our subdivision, we buy each other products… iba-ibang ulam pag lunch, iba-ibang miryenda. May nagooffer na din ng cocktails at pulutan! Nagpaparent ng videoke, sasakyan pang delivery, at nagooffer ng services. Pasabuys, palinis ng aircon, etc.
And sa barter, sabi nga nila, one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. Siyempre hindi naman literal na trash… You help someone gain what you have extra, tapos ikaw nakapag-declutter.
Maganda din sa environment, kasi hindi tayo nagrequire na gumamit ng additional resources, hindi na tayo nagdadagdag sa carbon footprint, tapos nagiging mas malinis pa ngayon ang paligid. nice no?
Anung kwentong online reselling at kwentong barter mo?

What do you think?