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I guess I have finally admitted it to myself that I am not a good businesswoman. With my husband, I think we have gotten ourselves into businesses that haven’t really stuck with us, and leaving us just losing thousands of pesos (still grateful it’s not in the millions).
Last week, I got a text message from an unknown number. This person was interested in ordering Human Heart Nature products, and apparently saw my number from the website. I know I have an online dealer shop, and so are other “dealers” who are more active than I am in promoting it. But by God’s grace, this person contacted me. It also happens that where this person lived was just around 5-10 minutes away from my place.
This person asked if I had on hand a few products. I think if I were a good businesswoman, I should actually have stocks of the products I want to sell. But everything she told me, I didn’t have, and I have not even sold once before. I said that I don’t have the products on hand, but I can have them ordered and deliver by Monday or Tuesday. I also gave the prices for the products.
Okay, so I keep on referring to the customer as this person, because I did not even get to ask the name of who I’m dealing with. But I did assume that I’m talking to a girl. I only got to finally find out that she’s a girl when I was already delivering the products. I even got her name lang when I saw the online transaction log in my bank account.
Now the previous paragraph just gave away my story, that it’s a done deal na. Should be good business, right? But why did I feel na it’s not? Aside from the fact that I failed to ask the client her name, here’s why…
So, she order 3 things. My sister-in-law also order something that was on sale, so I bought that together with the 3 items my customer ordered. I texted the Human Heart Nature branch in Alabang for my orders, and planned to no longer park anywhere and wait for someone to come and bring my orders.
I was already there when they informed me that one of the items my client ordered wasn’t available. Though a smaller size was available. I was planning to just buy that smaller size and of course charge her less, but I thought I could buy 2 of those, to almost match the amount? I would lose some profit there, not to mention I’m giving her a catalog for free (but that I had to purchase).
So, I got her 2 products for the price of one, plus my toll fee, and the gas I spent also waiting with the hazard lights on, and not thinking about whether the discount I got from being a dealer compensated for all the expenses. And I had to deliver to her house.
Here’s another thing: people leverage much on social media, right? I was already thinking about taking a picture of the products I ordered, then post something like “off to deliver new orders,” or take a picture of each product and post it with their retail prices. But no. I forgot to do those because it took me a while to get all my orders complete, and I’m thinking about my already lengthy stay in hazard lights. So as soon as I got my orders and my change, I sped off.
Well, I actually wasn’t done. The reason I had to buy 2 smaller products in exchange of the larger one that was out of stock was because I couldn’t get hold of my customer! I was actually beginning to worry that I was duped. I just kept on praying to God and thanking Him for this new customer. But boy was the evil one getting on my nerves!! Telling me things that the customer was a bogus buyer, the address she gave me didn’t exist. And so I worried too, because the items she ordered weren’t items I normally used.
But good thing, I didn’t completely succumb to the fear and worry, and just went to where God led me: to the client’s house.
With all of that said, why do I think I am not a good businesswoman?
1. I don’t keep stock
– good business people have a good amount of inventory to immediately satisfy their customers’ needs.
2. I don’t keep costs at the minimum
– for all I know, I always breakeven, or maybe spend more that what I could gain.
3. I don’t market my products
– or, I often forget to do so. I am not an effective marketer of my own products, but I do well as a social media marketer for someone else. I guess I’m way too introverted to put my products out there.
4. I don’t have good customer service…
– Once I’ve delivered, I’m done, and just leave the rest of the “work” to the products themselves. I don’t have good after-sales, though I ask my clients about how their use of the products are, but that’s it.
So I guess, being in business is not something for me. Side hustles, perhaps, but not a full-blown business. But if you’re in business, I guess I can help.

What do you think?