New Wine

New Wine is the title of a song by Hillsong Worship. In the video, you can see Brooke Ligertwood [nee Fraser] behind the piano and singing.

A few weeks ago, I used “New Wine” as one of the songs when I led worship for the Feast Bellevue. What God told me to relay to His people is mostly about allowing some things to happen in our lives because these makes us strong, prepares us for more hardships, and readies us for the next blessings that God planned to bestow on us…

In the crushing,
in the pressing,
You are making new wine.
In the soil I now surrender,
You are breaking new ground


Most of the time, we do not know the purpose of why we undergo trials while we are going through it. It is only through hindsight that we understand why certain things happen in the past. We become “new wine,” just like what grapes turn into after they have been crushed and pressed. We become a new person, a much better version most likely.

Like, how can we know what success is if we didn’t experience failures? How can we know healing if we did not get hurt, or we did not have pain? These are the “crushing” and the “pressing” in our lives that are necessary so we can be transformed.

So I yield to You into Your careful hand
When I trust you I don’t need to understand…”

When we just let God take control of what happens in our life, it also means we let Him do His job, and not interfere with His plans. We need not understand it at the moment because we all know He wouldn’t let us suffer so much if it wasn’t necessary for our growth and development, right?

Make me a vessel, make me an offering,
Make me whatever You want me to be…
I came here with nothing, but all You have given me…

As we let God take the reins, and as we trust Him in whatever He plans to do, we pray that as we live that life being led by God, we are also used as an instrument of God for whatever purpose.  We can be His manifestation of love to other people. We can be the bringer of His Good News. We can be the light to someone who’s going through a type of darkness that’s hard to light up. All that is possible because we have been called and therefore equipped and anointed by God for His purpose.

When there is new wine, there is new power,
There is new freedom, the kingdom is here.
I lay down my old flames to carry Your new fire today…

I especially like the last line of the Bridge, where we are invited to “lay down our old flames” so that we can carry His “new fire today.” It is somehow a call for us to be humble. To let go of all our successes, or whatever that makes us proud, because God wants His hand to be more evident in our lives. To carry His new fire, His new power, new victories, we have to somehow die to ourselves, so that He can bring us back to life.

I am not sure how else Hillsong Worship has thought of what “New Wine” is about, but here is how I have reflected on what the song meant. And it just drives hard, especially if I’m caught up doing stuff which I think is good for me and is what God wants me to do. Then later on, God plans something else, and I have to learn to unlearn what I have done before so that I am open to new teachings. So that I am open to His new message. So that I am open to His redirection.


What do you think?