My Korean Heart
(This is a long one. If you’re not into Korean dramas, you’ll find this boring and self-centered. Ahehehe!)
I have never watched this much Korean Drama in my entire life! I remember to have even sworn off watching because they’re just a bunch of corny story lines and it’s a bastion of plastic surgery regulars.
But, long ago, after the Asianovela craze began with Meteor Garden (which, by the way, I’ve had DVD copies of both seasons. Hi Wa Ze Lei/Vic Zhou, first asianovela crush hahahaha!), the first ever Korean drama I’ve watched was My Girl. I’m not quite sure where it was shown back then, but I remember also buying a DVD of the drama, because the dubbed and tv version was shown late, and was commercial filled.
I watched it because the story line was cute, and so were the lead actors: Lee Da Hae and Lee Dong Wok. LDH was my first korean actress crush (then, it was Song Hye Kyo). LDW was my first male korean crush. Ahihi!
The next K-drama I watched from start to finish featured a love of mine: FOOD. Jewel in the Palace starring Lee Yough-Ae, who was an older but spitting image of Marian Rivera. I just liked the historical drama because the lead was a woman. Girl power!
After that, I’ve only had snippets, perhaps watched a lot of episodes but not the entire korean drama. Those I remember were Stairway to Heaven (Langit kaaaa, Baluga este Lupaaa Akooooo), Green Rose, Jumong, Full House, Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart (I think these 2 were part of a series or something), Coffee Prince. Those were the titles I remembered. Perhaps I’ve watched a few more, but the titles weren’t memorable. Ahehe!
Then, I think I got tired staying up late, and my emotional quotient isn’t high enough to wait for the next episode to know what happens next. This was the reason why I shied away from watching any dubbed kdramas in local channels.
And even when Netflix launched and featured Kdramas, I still preferred watching films because the whole story line is delivered in more or less 2 hours. My attention span and emotional quotient can handle those.
Around 5 years ago, my husband and I chanced upon a particular Koreanovela that I stuck with because one of the lead roles was cute. I don’t think I researched about their names. But the guy was truly eye candy.
The show was “The Producers.” One of the characters was played by this innocent boyish hottie named Kim Soo Hyun. The show, particularly his character, reminded me of this quote: “Bloom where you are planted.” It showed of character strength, tipong convictions mo as a person and how you apply it to different aspects of life.
Then, pregnancy and motherhood happened, that it took an enhanced community quarantine to bring me back to watching.
My husband started our Kdrama viewing with “Crash Landing On You.” I think this was during a time na I have yet to revive what little kdrama fanaticism I have, so I didn’t mind not watching the entire series. I was able to watch the last few episodes, so it was okay. And there was a cameo of that familiar “hottie” na kahit mukhang timang yung character, napa-“haaaaaay” parin ako. Hehehe! So parang dun palang, narevive na ng slight. Hahaha!
Then, there was Itaewon Class.
A lot of my friends in Facebook have already posted watching this series. But, it wasn’t until an ex posted that he liked how the series went, that I was convinced I should watch it. (Err, wait, hindi ko ata nasabi sa asawa ko na isa sa nag-influence sakin na manuod ng IC is an ex, though unknowingly naman on my ex’s part.)
The story line drew me in. Not so much the actors playing the characters. Natawa pa nga ako sa bunot cut, este buzz cut ni Saeroyi (the lead role played by Park Seo Joon). But it talked about the importance of personal principles. Of family. How you live your life. What you do for success. Investments, revenge. For me, the “love factor” wasn’t really highlighted, pero it was what got us a little disappointed in the end. But overall, it was a nice series.
Then I looked up on Park Seo Joon. From then on, I’m swoon. Hahahaha!
You know how social media seems to pick up everything you search for, then all of a sudden suggest or recommend things that are related to your search? Nangyari yan sakin, sa Netflix. (Yung mga selections na “Because you searched for __”) And the first series we watched after “Itaewon Class” was “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”
This started our minimum of two episodes a day, and even my 3am bedtime. Hahahaha!
Kasi naman, while watching WWWSK, gusto ni husband, sabay daw kami manuod, so I just looked for other shows with Park Seo Joon on it. I got to watch “Fight For My Way,” and “She Was Pretty” in Netflix. But, even if some people have recommended it, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch period/historical kdramas, so I didn’t lose sleep over “Hwarang” even if PSJ was there.
My husband and I watch “My Sassy Girl” as I believe it was one of those movies that would never grow old. He introduced me to this website where I can watch asian movies with subtitles. So after WWWSK, back to PSJ’s filmography, and I watched “Midnight Runners”, which also stars Kang Ha Neul, who’s also cute, pero for me fleeting ung crush. Hehehe!
May nakita kaming new series na naintriga kami. “Mystic Pop-Up Bar.” The lead actress was the co-star of PSJ sa “She Was Pretty.”
Then… Ito na…
Si “Psycho But It’s Okay” na in Netflix is “It’s Okay To Not To Be Okay.”
Ang pagbabalik ni KSH sa consciousness ko, for reals!
And because “It’s Okay…” only shows new episodes every Saturday and Sunday, I am forced to wait. Waaah!
Enter “My Love From A Star” that made me wish I was Cheon Song-I, na kahit mas matanda eh nagustuhan ni Do Min-Jun! I just finished the series, by the way. I slept at almost 4 am one time, after watching 3 episodes. On another occasion, my GERD seemed to have manipulated my sleeping time, waking me up at around 2am, and only got to sleep around 5pm, again after 3 episodes. Hahaha!
To anyone reading this, can you recommend a korean film naman? Have yet to watch “Train To Busan” na laging nagpapakita via Netflix. But I’m thinking my heart won’t be able to take it.
By the way… Sorry, I wasn’t really a fan of the Filipino remakes of some of these shows…
Sorry, haba talaga.. Pero promise, you can recommend some other movies or series. Kahit wla sa Netflix, basta I can find with subtitles. ☺

What do you think?