My Daughter in Her 3rd Birthday

I’m not sure if I have posted a lot about my daughter the past few weeks or days in social media. I guess if I remember to post something, and when I do remember, then that’s the only time that I do.

I remember when she was just born, I was like posting about her almost everyday. Every moment even. I’ve shared even her slightest expressions, her milestones per month, or even when these milestones happen.

I must say, I pretty much made her grow up in front of my cellphone camera for all the world to see. But there are so many things about her that I haven’t really shared in the “public eye”, but perhaps through my encounters with other people.


A lot of people would see her as a jolly toddler. Some would even be annoyed that she can be super playful (oh, I remember that incident my SIL and a Tita-in-Christ related, about how some elderly people got annoyed with her playing with her cousin… Twas as if they haven’t had children, or they weren’t happy kids!!)

Anyway, what you don’t see is that she is growing up to be compassionate, affectionate, and understanding. She’s somehow developed this “manner” that when I get angry, she cries and says “Sorry,” and then “Big hug,” and that just melts my heart!

I think she has understood that giving hugs is a sign of affection, and that it can help other people feel better and loved. I think, aside from watching it in Muppet Babies that when someone has a “bad-day-itis,” all they need is a hug, she also sees that in us.

I love hugs, and I love giving her hugs, and I guess she also understood that because it was mentioned one time at the Feast, that a person needs at least 7 hugs a day to always feel better. I guess she gets that full dose from us daily.

Then there was a time she saw me crying, a reaction to what I saw in a video, last Father’s day, because it was a moving video on offsprings asking their dads what about them that makes them proud. She saw me wipe my tears and she said, “Don’t cry, Sofie’s here.” Isn’t that super sweet? Then gives me a warm hug.

I guess, as parents, we’re a little proud to say that we’ve had a lot of resources to make parenting her manageable. It’s not easy, but we’ve seen not just videos, read not just books and articles… But we’ve also experienced it from our parents. And of course, we remind her everyday that we love her, just like how God reminds us everyday.

I’ve said a lot, but I really just want to greet my daughter a happy 3rd birthday. 😊 I guess when she grows up, and gets to read my blogs, she’ll know that despite getting mad when we force her to finish her meal, or when we turn off the TV when she’s had a lot of screen time, we really love her. 🙂

If you’re reading this, can you please say a little prayer for her?

Thank you!


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