More Than 5000

Last week, there was a gospel reading about the multiplication of bread and fish. The miracle that Jesus performed on the 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish that fed men in the 5000, with 12 wicker baskets full left.

What struck me was when the priest mentioned that during that time, only men were counted, and that was 5000. And that it was easier to count men because they were fewer than women and children. There was like an “aha!” moment in me that time.

Like, what??? Meaning, that time, women and children were more than 5000, so the number of people that were fed that time were more than double that 5000 that was recorded. Sooooo amazing, right?


The priest pointed this out, and I was like, “Oo nga no?” [Oh yeah, that’s right!]. That there are actually more female church goers than there are male, right? and I guess this has been the case even during Jesus’ time. He had male apostles, but there were a few women following Him, too. And I bet, these women talked to each other and eventually convinced their husbands, brothers, or sons to come and listen to what Jesus had to say.

Holds true today, right? Like, I can see that there are more females than males going to church, attending services, serving in church. And that appointed leaders are always male, so that they can convince other men to join, to believe, to see how it changed them. Do I make sense?

Anyway, there… It was just amazing when I sort of just realized this for the first time. Super amazing… 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, feeding more than 10000 people. God’s love is just so abundant, no?


What do you think?