I stumbled upon a video shared in one of the Facebook groups I’m a member of. The title was something about why Moms or parents don’t get things done. It was a post by another Facebook page, but the link above contained the YouTube video link. There was a caption in the post, and then there were emojis that depicted laughing so hard that they cried.

The video showed a mom doing stuff around the house, with a baby who’s perhaps around a year old (already able to stand and walk around, though a bit wobbly). First scene was the mom putting folded clothes in a dresser, then the kid is on the other side taking out stuff from inside the dresser, and then throwing them on the floor.

Next scene was (if I remember it correctly, because I can’t bear watching it again) the mom sweeping and piling what she swept at one part of the house. Then perhaps after a minute or two, the baby sees the pile and then plays on it, making a mess. You will still see the mom sweeping on another part of the house.


One scene showed the kid outside the house and soiling her clothes. Another showed the kid in her high chair and getting food on her hair and all over her face.

Of course I knew that there were scenes where the mom probably just placed the camera some place where she and her baby are visible. There maybe some that the mom took by herself.

Bottomline, it’s not funny. I just thought that it’s so insensitive to say that moms do not get things done. WE DEFINITELY DO!!!

Moms definitely get a lot of things done! Most of them may be works-in-progress, but they are definitely going to be done. A mom has a different timeline compared with other people who don’t have kids to rear and a house to manage.

Please don’t be quick to judge that Moms do not accomplish anything. Giving the kids a bath, being able to cook and feed them (or perhaps ordering out, then feed them), and spending time with them. Those are just some of the things we do on a daily basis.

Sorry, I’m just worked up whenever Motherhood is shamed in any way. (perhaps the purpose of sharing the video wasn’t really to shame moms… I’m just a bit sensitive now..)


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