Mistakes are okay

It’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes meant you tried. Mistakes meant you took your first step. Mistakes meant you set off to a different or another course. Mistakes meant you took the other way.

You made a mistake because the way you took didn’t get you to where you’re supposed to go. It didn’t end up with the result you expected. It didn’t end up successful.

But at least, you learned which way doesn’t work. You learned which way won’t take you to where you wanted. You learned that one way to fail, and you’ll have a new chance to try and a new chance to succeed.


You may fail again. You may get lost again. You may get tired because you won’t get the results.

But those mistakes taught you to be resilient. Those mistakes taught you to be resourceful. And those mistakes taught you to be brave.

It always takes courage to try again. It always takes a little more courage when you try after failing so many times.

But mistakes are just mis-steps. You can always re-take, and “re-step”.

And then the success will ever be so sweet. 🙂

– God-guided gal


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